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Comfort Socks (www.comfortsocksonline.org)is a 501(c)3 public charity that collects new socks from individuals, schools, companies, and apparel manufacturers. We then distribute the socks to homeless shelters, non-profit organizations who primarily serve the homeless, and to church and veteran homeless programs. Our mission is simple - Comfort- It just feels good to put on a new pair of socks, and we believe this warm and comfortable feeling can help to ease the pain of someone who feels lost or forgotten by this world. Comfort Socks stretches its service to homeless shelters coast to coast across America. We welcome volunteers and encourage sock drives and donations. Please keep us in your prayers and on your donation list -

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunset Beach Community Church donates 375 pairs of Socks

Thank you Sunset Beach Community Church for your partnership in December.
From the moment I met Pastor Richard Farrand, I knew there existed a special leadership quality that would yield wonderful results. Pastor Farrand went the extra mile for Comfort Socks is so many ways. Every Monday, upon entering the room for the Advent lunch, you were greeted by a huge Christmas Tree adorned with Socks. The Sunset Beach Community Church congregation brought socks every Monday as part of their admission to the luncheon. It was my great honor to be invited to speak to the congregation about Comfort Socks, and I was welcomed with a brotherly love that touched my heart and spirit.

Thank you Sunset Beach Community Church, for stepping forward to make a difference. 375 pairs of socks will warm the feet and comfort the hearts of those misplaced and lost.

Stop by and visit

Sunset Beach Community Church

1634 Seaside Rd SW
Sunset Beach, NC 28468
Richard Farrand Pastor

Karen's Thread of Hope

Comfort Socks is very happy to have found a new friend.
Her name is Karen Hopkins and her blog is

Please visit her blog and read her poetry, writings, and honesty about her pathway.

Thank you, Karen, for caring about Comfort Socks.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let Your Heart Make a Difference Campaign

Comfort Socks is proud to announce the "Let Your Heart Make a Difference" Campaign. Simply put - we are calling for volunteers across the United States to step up and do sock drives from January 1 - Feb 14th 2010.

We will announce the grand total on or about Valentines Day 2010.

Won't you help?

Sock Drives are easy and fun....but more than that...they will deliver comfort to homeless people and families.

Join with so many across the nation, and contact us today.

Thank you for your participation, and for letting your Heart Lead the Way.

Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity

(910) 269-8577
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Yuma Podiatrist Talks about the Importance of Socks for Homeless

Here is an article that appeared in the Yuma Times on Dec 9, 2009.
Eventhough this doctor is collecting socks for a mission in his city (Yuma, Arizona) the importance of new socks for homeless people is just as real each and every day. Please help Comfort Socks provide new socks to homeless shelters all across our nation.

Dr. Stanton Cohen, a podiatrist, is concerned about keeping
people's feet warm during the winter season. So, he's collecting new
socks to donate to Crossroads Mission (Yuma, AZ).
"Socks are an important piece of clothing at this time of year,
especially for the homeless," he said. "Socks can help prevent foot
problems by keeping the skin clean and dry."
Cohen has been conducting his sock drive for more than ten years,
and is asking the public to bring socks of all sizes for men, women,
children and infants to his practice, 1743 W. 24th St.
He will place the donated socks on a "sock tree" at his office.....

"We collect all types of socks for people of all ages, including infants,
because down at the mission, there are families in need. Being a foot
doctor, I realize how important it is to your keep your feet warm and
protected, especially in cold weather."
Cohen said Yuma can be dangerous, even if it rarely gets below
"In cold weather, people with poor circulation can get frostbite, even in
Yuma, if their feet are wet and they are outside sleeping. Go to the
tent city at the river and see how many are living down there without
proper anything. So anything we can do to help these people,
especially this time of year when our thoughts turn to our fellow
human beings, is important."
Cohen said many people don't donate socks and underwear.
"A lot of people donate used clothes, but people rarely donate socks
because they normally wear them until they have holes in them. It is
good for a person's self-worth when they get new socks instead of
used socks. They normally don't get socks through the normal
Cohen said he enjoys providing the socks to people he may never
"I have a philosophy about charity. The best charity is when you give
to somebody and they don't know it's from you, so you don't feel
superior and they don't feel indebted to you because you gave them
something, which is why I give them to the mission to be distributed

This article is ussed with permission from

Chris McDaniel can be reached at cmcdaniel@yumasun.com or 539-

Monday, December 7, 2009

COMFORT SOCKS Receives Google Grant

(I-Newswire) December 7, 2009 - Comfort Socks launched its "Sock Drive" campaign across on Google.com in November 2009. The advertising grant is expected to run for several months, well into the spring of 2010. "It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we graciously accept this support from Google, and we feel very confident that the campaign will be a great success," says Comfort Socks founder, Theresa Tese.

Comfort Socks welcomes all volunteers to contact us via our website at www.comfortsocksonline.org, and urges those with a heart to help to remember that Every Sock Matters, especially in the colder weather.

Thank you for your support and for stepping forward to help those in need.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What type of socks should I send to Comfort Socks?

Question: What type of socks should I send to Comfort Socks?
Answer: Cotton crew, lowcut or heavyweight socks in mens and womens sizes. Although we will accept any color, WHITE is preferred and recommended. 80% of the socks we provide to homeless shelters are men's sizes.