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Comfort Socks (www.comfortsocksonline.org)is a 501(c)3 public charity that collects new socks from individuals, schools, companies, and apparel manufacturers. We then distribute the socks to homeless shelters, non-profit organizations who primarily serve the homeless, and to church and veteran homeless programs. Our mission is simple - Comfort- It just feels good to put on a new pair of socks, and we believe this warm and comfortable feeling can help to ease the pain of someone who feels lost or forgotten by this world. Comfort Socks stretches its service to homeless shelters coast to coast across America. We welcome volunteers and encourage sock drives and donations. Please keep us in your prayers and on your donation list -

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comfort Socks and Lemons to Aid partner to form the Lemon Crew

Lemons to Aid and Comfort Socks have joined together
in a partnership that will help homeless people of America
receive the comfort of new socks.  YOU CAN HELP!!


Become A Member of the Lemon Crew Today! 
The Lemon Crew is made up of kids like you across America who are collecting new CREW SOCKS for Comfort Socks, a 501(c)3 public charity that provides new socks to homeless shelters.

There are so many easy ways Lemon Crew members can collect socks for Comfort Socks.
  • Decorate your Lemonade Stand with socks, making it a “Sock Stand”.
  • Use your creative genius and create a “sock” puppet show.” Attendees can donate socks in lieu of a ticket to see your show. You can also provide lemonade as a refreshment.
  • Collect Lemon Crew Socks outside of a local store.
  • Play any sports? Ask the spectators to bring a package of Lemon Crew Socks to one of your games. You can even set up a lemonade stand and collect socks.
  • At all of the lemonade stands, use proceeds to pay for your shipping costs…still have extra money, send it to Comfort Socks or you can buy even MORE crew socks to include in your shipment.
Fill out form at http://comfortsocksonline.org/contact.asp to register today!
Membership in the Lemon Crew is FREE

About Comfort Socks:
Comfort Socks is a North Carolina based 501©3 Public Charity that collects new socks and gives them to homeless shelters.
A tax receipt for your gift of socks is available by contacting Comfort Socks.

About Lemons to Aid
Based in Dallas, Texas, Lemons to Aid is on a mission to use the simple, but memorable experience of hosting lemonade stands to instill the mindset of service and charitable giving in children at a young age. www.lemonstoaid.org

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